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We'll Make Your Ecom Brand An Extra $50k-$200k Per Month In 60 days (Or You Don’t Pay!)

By leveraging direct response to retain 40-60% of your customers – without increasing your ad spend.

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At this point, it’s no secret how powerful email is. 

A list of thousands of warm leads waiting to be messaged at the click of a button. People who already know and trust you – just waiting to be converted.

So why do most emails suck so much?

It’s because you’ve been misled. 

Agencies will set you up with overcomplicated strategies & flashy filler – when in reality there are only a few things that move the needle with email conversions. 

80% of results from email come from getting 20% of the strategy correct. 

Email is a tool meant to REtain not ENTERtain.

To win today as an ecom brand you have to cut out the fluff, discount heavy strategy, and focus on what actually matters:

  • List growth
  • Frequent campaigns
  • Intent-based automations
  • Consistent optimization

That’s exactly what we do with our retention plan.

Brands we work with

Case Studies

Recent Client Results

Extra $34,000 in Revenue

A luxury Lingerie brand that hadn’t updated their email automations in 6 years, and didn’t have a proper email campaign system. 


After working with us:

– Core flows generating over $14k in revenue

– High-performing campaigns

– Consistent email list growth

“We were able to increase revenue on our Thank You flow by 8.5% and by 22% on our Welcome flow.

There were some significant tactics and recommendations we were able to implement to these 2 flows that took just a little bit of time to implement and will be beneficial to us as the year goes on.

Working with the team was simple and efficient. We were able to communicate on a shared slack channel, share documents and feedback and implement in a timely manner.”

– Harney and Sons

We added $47,000 to a single automation using 3 “hidden” emails in the welcome series.

– Anonymous food & beverage brand

Our Email Designs

Are you tired of...

Wasting thousands on paid ads...

With very little ROI?

Not converting one-time buyers...

Into life-long customers?

Throwing away insane amounts of money...

Using heavily discounted emails?

Our Solution

What if you could eliminate these issues...

Without paying one penny until you see results? We can help you do that with:

Thousands of warm leads

Straight from your website to your email list.

Advanced email flows

Generating revenue and retaining customers 24/7.

High-converting campaigns

Never ending email content with NO discounts needed.

Our Solution

The PROcess

This is the exact strategy and timeframe we follow to get results for our clients.


Day 1-10

Klaviyo Audit

Deliverability Optimization

List Segmentation

60 day success plan


Day 10-28

Opt-in form implementation

Set up 8 email automations

Campaign implementation


Day 28+

Continued testing

3-5 weekly campaigns

Monthly analytics reports

Case Studies

Recent Client Results


“Before, we were just cutting pieces together and slapping them on an email. But we’ve gotten a complete upgrade in structure, copy, and design. For anyone who may be skeptical… InfluxLabz has gone above and beyond, from communication, to implementation.”


“InfluxLabz has helped us build a structure, from flows and automations – to design and copy. And really helped us understand the ”why” behind our customers’ purchasing decision. Our conversions have improved 56% since we started working with them, and we’re not done yet!”

Get Started

How to Get Started

3 options based on your specific brand needs

Option One

Do it yourself

A wealth of free tips + tutorials for those of you who want to get your retention system up and generating money.

Option Two

Done with you

Looking for consulting or additional help? We’ve got a package for brands looking to partner and grow.

Option Three

Done for you

Email + SMS automations, campaigns, and optimization all done for you is our main package (Usually reserved for ecom brands generating at least 30k/m)


What our clients say

See what our clients have to say about their experience working with InfluxLabz.

Zac Curhan

Founder, TruWild

Alejandro Lopez

Founder, Toma

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Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t have a cookie-cutter pricing model – Meaning our pricing depends on where you’re at in your email marketing journey, and exactly what YOU need done.

Yes, and we do. Our offer comes with a 100% money back guarantee, so if we don’t reach the goals we set for you, you don’t pay us.

Completely. All we need is Klaviyo access and we’ll write up a detailed report about every possible aspect of Email marketing you can improve on. No pressure to work with us after (just free sauce).

We’ll Add 50k To Your MRR In 60 days (Or You Get a Full Refund)

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